In The Press

Art Trends - October 1998

"Lasting Impressions"

by: Maryann Ondovcsik

Excerpt from the article: "Lasting Impressions"

...There is something about Mediterranean light that drew impressionist last century and today as well. Mediterranean scenes turn up regularly in the works of Pejman and others. Many artists claim it's the quality of the light- a dryer, crisper light, similar to that of California. "I gravitate to scenery that uses light and shadow, and the Mediterranean is a perfect setting because there is so much light there," Pejman says. "The scenery is beautiful. But more importantly, the color is exquisite. The sky is very blue, and as a result you get a lot of blue and purple tones. Plus there is usually that element of seascape, not to mention the way the light hits all those white stucco houses."

Originally Pejman painted in a rather realistic, classical style learned from one of his teachers, Anatoly Ivanov. "He paints in a very detailed way, almost to the point of surrealism. Then I started working with Ovanes Berberian, who is a well known colorist with a very loose style." That has been a strong influence, since Pejman strives to achieve harmony of color..."I get down the basic elements form photos, but I compose the painting in my imagination," Pejman explains. "Is it Portofino or Capri? people always look at my work and say they've been there, and I guess that's possible because the basic elements are real. "However, I've looked through hundreds of books on the Mediterranean, and I've never found s single photograph that could be translated, untouched, into a great painting. You always have to use artistic license to add and remove things." ..."A lot of artists insist on painting what their hearts tell them. But artists are successful because people like their work well enough to buy it. If you go back in history, most great art was commissioned by the aristocracy or the church. Great works can be painted to please yourself and the public. Monet was not a commercial artist but everyone loves his work."