In The Press

Vicinity Magazine - Februrary 2003

"Discover the New Classics"

by: Bettina H. Chavanne

Bob Pejman is one of a lucky few whose job also happens to be his hobby. An accomplished artist whose work is inspired by a style he terms "romantic realism," he is also the owner of Pejman Gallery. Opened in 1988, the gallery houses original, European oil painting and provides custom framing services. "My parents used to deal in corporate art, which leans to the contemporary," he explains. "When we started our business, we decided to deal in more traditional art."

Pejman travels the world seeking out new work and specializing in undiscovered artists. "I do a lot of leg work," he says. "I go to Italy quite often, and travel within the U.S. looking for European, representational oil painters." It's not a simple endeavor, he notes. "As we progress into more forms of digital photography, and artwork, classical artists are fading from the scene."

Pejman advises buyers who are new to the art world to buy what they like. "Chances are excellent that an oil painting will appreciate over the years," he says. "However, you don't want to purchase art solely for investment's sake--you should love what you buy."

Painting since he was seven years old, Pejman is the son of a composer and concert musician and his passions tend to the classical. "There are no people in my paintings--the scenes are already romantic, but my idea is to make them even more so," he says of his street scape paintings. And he accomplishes that by capturing the light of the Mediterranean on his colorful canvases.

Whether you are looking to start your collection with one of Pejman's works, or any of the works of the 20 or so emerging artists he showcases in his gallery, you won't be disappointed. In fact, you are bound to be more than amply rewarded by the beauty of your purchase.