In The Press

Design New Jersey - Spring 1997

"Looking At Art"

by: Laura Hamblen

Excerpt from the article: "Looking At Art"

...To a lot of people, art means oil painting. They think of something rather large in scale, colorful and in an ornate or interesting frame. They also think of a traditional oil painting as a landscape, a portrait, or a still life, representational scenes- subjects that have been painted for centuries and which modern-day artists still paint.

One of the galleries that specializes in traditional oils is Pejman Galleries in Short Hills. Owner Bob Pejman displays oils, mostly by living artists that can best be called "paintings in the style of ." he has painting that look like the French Impressionists, paintings done in the neoclassical style that was popular in the 19th century and paintings with the fine detail and brushwork of a 17th Century Dutch still life. Pejman, himself a painter works in a fine classical style. None of these original oils are copies or interpretations of old paintings. Rather they are the works by artists who have decided to paint using the techniques developed and practiced by the old masters.